New in Real Estate? Read this first.


If you just got your license, you might feel overwhelmed and lost about what your next steps should be in order to become a successful Real Estate Agent. Below, you will find some great tips on how to get started in the Real Estate Industry:

  • Find a Broker that provides education & training. Many companies will have the resources for offering seminars and courses to their new agents. In the end, it will be beneficial for everyone because the more the agent’s sell, the more they gain. These brokers might take a bigger split, but it is better to have 60% of something than 100% of nothing. You can later negotiate for a better split, once you have reached a certain amount of closings.   

  • Get a Mentor: Be willing to offer split of your commission in exchange for valuable on-the-job training. If you have a friend who is an established realtor, you can ask to shadow him on his showings, you can offer him/her to split the commission on one of your transactions, or co-list one of your properties. A mentor will be more willing to train you if he has skin in the game. 

  • Organization is Key!: Your first transactions will probably be scary, but writing down the steps to closing can help guide you through the process. Adopt the use of a CRM from early on which will be great to keep track of where all your transactions are, follow up with leads and take notes. You will understand the power and the need for a CRM as your client base increases. 

  • Decide on a farming area: You can help maximize your marketing budget and your efforts by focusing and becoming the expert of a niche. You can later expand to other markets and move to new areas. The farming area will also help you define your audience and target them more accurately.

  • Exposure: You want to make sure you get yourself on a schedule of posting relevant information about your area, help boost your posts with #tags. Don’t post just about available properties or listings. List facts about the location (public transportation, schools, night life, walkability scores, parks, etc..)

  • Remember that people invest in people, so be yourself, make yourself approachable to your clients, engage with your audience. Clients appreciate honesty, don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know something, but always be willing to be resourceful and follow up with an answer later on.

  • Learn how to take good pictures: The pictures will lure clients to your listing’s door, if they pictures are not good, it’s gonna be harder to promote the property. Make sure it has good lighting, take pictures of the little details that make that listing extra special, remove any personal items from the shot. Make sure beds are made, toilet seats are down!!!!!!, and everything is neat. Hire a professional photographer if necessary.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that everything requires dedication and consistency. It is key that you establish a daily routine of following up with leads, and that you stay on top of mind of all your clients.

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